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2022: Our Year In Review Blog Post

2022: Our Year In Review

April 20, 2023

rb&m partners work on a range of projects at the heart of the energy transition. In addition to being the microgeneration sector’s most experienced audit team, we’ve developed audit strategies for heat networks and provide the audit service for the energy flexibility compliance scheme. Building consumer trust is the key to energy decarbonisation and, to that end, we’ve been working on a range of new tools and methodologies to help consumers make informed choices about renewable energy generation performance. From our seats on five technology industry working groups to our development of audit regimes, and from our experience in developing industry and consumer guidance to ground-breaking research. All of this work gives us a unique perspective on the challenges facing the energy transition markets. As a window into our work and experience, our 2022 Year in Review acts as our own mini annual report. If you have any questions about rb&m’s work or want to know more please use our contact page. With best wishes for 2023.

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