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rb&m: a year in review Blog Post

rb&m: a year in review

December 30, 2021

In looking at our rearview mirror on what has been a momentous 2021 in the energy transition, we realised how our busy year reflects the paradigm shift occurring in UK’s energy markets. rb&m partners work at the cutting edge of decarbonisation policy and we are certain that the quickest path to clean energy transformation built on renewable generation and flexible markets is by giving energy users the information they need to make informed decisions. Building consumer trust in the energy transition is the key to decarbonisation.

Our 2021 at the front line of the energy transition demonstrates our commitment to those principles. Our summary acts as our own mini annual report. If you have any questions about rb&m’s work or want to know more please use our contact page. With best wishes for 2022.

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