Who We Are

rb&m are Robinson, Bloomfield and Meek, a partnership combining expertise in consumer protection, research and technical regulation.

We work with our associates across the UK to create bespoke teams.

Meet the rb&m partners:

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline has more than 25 years’ experience both internationally and in the UK, addressing sustainable development and public health challenges and enabling organisations to deliver strategic results.

Over the last eleven years she has developed unique expertise crafting and monitoring industry standards in the decentralised and low carbon energy sectors and carrying out policy and consumer research to support the energy transition to zero carbon.

Her past clients include University of Liverpool, University of Westminster, University of Bergen and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and funders include the European Commission, DFID and the UK Department of Health.

Jacqueline was co-director of a Namibian based company providing high-level policy advice and input on strategic issues concerning the environmental and water sectors world-wide, clients included the South African Government, SADC, the Moroccan Government, Government of Mauritania, the Palestinian Authority, City of Windhoek and the Swedish Government.

Sue Bloomfield

Sue Bloomfield

Sue has worked on consumer protection issues for over 30 years. She has been Policy Research manager for Which?, a consultant to consumer bodies and the author or editor on a range of policy reports and consumer rights guides.

Since 2008, Sue has focussed on consumer protection in the decentralised and renewable energy sectors, including the development and monitoring codes of practice and standards for oversight bodies such as the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body, Heat Trust and FlexAssure.

A member of the MCS Working Group on battery storage and the author of a plain-language  consumer guide on the subject,  Sue has also written guides to Demand-Side Response and home chargepoints for Electric Vehicles and is currently developing a research plan for Renewable Energy Assurance on protecting domestic consumers in a smart flexible energy system. Other recent projects include delivering consumer and policy research for MCS to support the transition to net zero and joint working with BEIS and Ofgem on the Assignment of Rights scheme in renewable heat.

Colin Meek

Colin Meek

Colin has worked on the energy transition for well over a decade as a researcher, policy analyst, auditor and consumer expert. Colin sits on four Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) technical working groups: Heat Pumps, Wind Energy, Biomass and Solar Thermal. 

Colin has delivered ground-breaking research on heat pump performance based on an Ofgem dataset, and is currently developing performance forecasting methods for heat pumps, wind energy and biomass.

  • he is co-author and coordinator of the Best Practice Guide to the Installation of Heat Pumps;
  • proposed and delivered RECC’s investigations into the performance claims provided by microgeneration installers;
  • developed a CO2 mitigation model and calculator that can predict greenhouse gas savings for the full range of microgeneration technologies;
  • has worked as an expert witness for the Serious Fraud Office;
  • has delivered RECC’s installer model documents for the renewable heat technologies including the installer model contract that has successfully underpinned thousands of microgeneration agreements; and
  • designed and wrote RECC’s CPD-approved interactive and modular training resource for all renewable energy installers. 

Colin holds an MSc in Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management (Distinction) from the Centre for Alternative Technology, Graduate School of the Environment.

Before working on energy transition issues, he was a senior researcher and principal researcher at Which? before working as a freelance research consultant, policy analyst and journalist for a range of organisations including the BMJ, ANEC (the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.